This is a comprehensive one year advanced course for grades 10-12 which emphasizes an exploration of cinema studies and studio production work in the field of film and video. Film and Video II is a prerequisite to independent studies in film.

 This course provides students with an in depth exploration of aesthetics in film and visual story telling.  The students will investigate the varying genres in both American and foreign films.  The students’ findings will be demonstrated in four presentations over the course of the school year (genre, foreign genre, auteur theory and one topic to be determined by the student).  In addition the student will produce two major projects including a short film and open project of their choosing (short film, music video, documentary advertising campaign).

 This course requires students to film and edit a school activity for airing on our local cable channel.


The major objectives of Film & Video II include the following:

¨      Students will be exposed to a wide variety of professional productions and the acquisition of knowledge in the production process necessary to move on to more advanced techniques.

¨      Students will attain a better understanding of the elements of genres and principles of film and video that lead to higher quality in the field of production.

¨      Students will broaden their media vocabulary and their understanding of aesthetics, while they come to appreciate the importance of production in contemporary life.

¨      Students will work to improve their writing, filming, and editing skills as they work in all three stages of production.


Students are graded on their skill, as well as, on the effort they put into their work and their grasping of the concept(s) being taught.  Personal growth, constructive use of class time, and careful execution of assigned work are the major criteria for grading.  Respect for the work place is also emphasized.  Rubrics outlining the requirements for a successful project are reviewed for each major assignment before final grading.

¨      Classwork equals 10% of the grade

¨      Class participation and responsibility equal 10% of the grade

¨      Major production assignments equals 40% of the grade

¨      Class presentations equals 40% of the grade


Although students do not receive individual textbooks, there is a vast array of reference materials in the classroom.  Students are encouraged to use these reference materials for inspiration and creative solutions.  Video Maker magazine is used periodically for useful tips.



Students are free to use the TV Studio during their blocks of free time, lunch, or after school.

The instructor is available each day for extra help by appointment during mutually convenient times.

Parents can contact the instructor by phone at 793- 6130 ext. 4634 or e-mail at: 


Video Production Club:  Open to all students

Film Festival:  Open to all students

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